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    With great enthusiasm and tireless efforts to pursue high-quality products; to achieve 100% delivered to the users of high-quality products, the pursuit of "first-class products, first-class technology, perfect service, excellent quality" is the target of Anshun and treasure your trust in us every time.

    Vertical fiber-chip high-strength fiber curtain fiber cloth, anti-static treatment, curtain sheet width 89mm/100mm, the track the widest cross-section aluminum 44mm, at the end of fall PVC synthetic quality, heavier screens films for the installation screens films at the bottom, with the beads used to keep screens films tidy, run the same.

    Product features: swing-page structure, page piece can be rotated 180 degrees, adjustable interior lighting pull freely received, both ventilation, but also sun, luxury style, set practical, contemporary and art in one sense.

    The use of advanced production equipment and high-quality raw materials. Adequate materials ready to quickly meet customer demand for your customized personalized products, trying to create a highly individual charm of the new concept of shade.

    Manual shutter: full shade of matt ---- entirely suitable for video conference room. The product is completely shading in the dark room in the tested shading rate of 100% and can play an insulation to block solar radiation effect.

    Features: simple, clean, easy to use, with the overall decoration of the matching effect is good, for high-grade office buildings, convention centers, computer rooms, plant rooms, and other places need to shade the light resistance particularly well suited. Would be cumbersome traditional curtain concise, line-oriented style, style novel, gives a fast-paced, high-efficiency sense.
    Aluminum Venetian 
    Manual Aluminum venetian blinds: aluminum alloy blade thickening

    Features: Using high-quality aluminum alloy processed leaves, colorful, exquisite workmanship, flexibility is good, not easy to deformation, can be insulated shade, a large number of blocking ultraviolet radiation. Smooth surface, feel extreme, has a good resilience and toughness, can be arbitrarily adjust the light. Aluminum Cord all the accessories and can be equipped with screens similar to color film, suitable for different environments and locations.

    Aluminum Venetian simplicity and elegance, color variety, environmental protection and energy saving, functional, not only add beauty building also has filtering, shading, dimming, energy saving, ventilation, noise reduction features.
    Allows you to maintain a broad vision of life, I can to ensure the privacy and security; the regulation of natural light through the venetian has become soft and moving, in order to create a relaxed and comfortable living space!
    Wood Blinds 

    1, leaves up to 80 years of age selected high-quality linden wood, through the steam drying, sterilization, cuts films, sorting, painting and other processing of refined made dozens of working procedure.
    2, basswood leaf light, texture clear, natural wood color, stability, excellent, easy deformation.
    3, by mildew, moisture-proof, moth treatment, suitable for the North-South climate.
    4, Color: teak color, white, color, wine red, brown and so on. Painting are made of imported lead-free paint roller, color fastness up to 4.0 above, will not fade.
    5, with simple and elegant of the spirit, there are close to nature, respect for nature, back to nature was intended.
    Applicable specifications:
    1, finished width of 2 meters, 1.8 meters in height is better than this size is proposed that two pairs of jack-up to do or do (the same on the track, leaves sub-2 processing, the gap between the two of 2mm).
    2, leaf sizes: (width × thickness) 25.4 × 2.5MM 35 × 2.8MM 50.8 × 3MM
    Maintenance and cleaning:
    1, regular imports of silicon varnished with spray lubrication lock to ensure that the use of smooth.
    2, often pulling curtains can reduce the accumulation of dust into the dirt. Leaves with feather dusters to remove dust, dirt, if the phenomenon can be used towel dip 75% alcohol or toluene gently wipe.
    Taboo: forbidden in areas too wet to use, in strict accordance with method of operation, can not be forced kink.

    Our factory produces various kinds of office curtain and agent of various carpets professional company, welcome to telephone to consult to choose and buy!

    Guangzhou city suburb, 10 square up, contact us, may provide the model with free door negotiations, measurement.

    24 hour hotline: 13802435818


    Brand began in service, the quality comes from professional, anshun tracery ten years experience and professional production office curtain, trustworthy......






    The curtain can printing enterprise logo, image matching identification, advertising language etc, make the curtain from now on with sunshade, decoration and advertisement publicity of triple effect. It is suitable for the company and the shop, business hall, hotel, hotel advertising curtain, you can let the window has a new advertising heaven and earth. Let your curtain vivid!!!!!


    The other can make remote control electric curtain, more show fashion design, control follow one's inclinations. Design, production, installation all-round services!


    Office carpet 
    Our factory is producing all kinds of office carpets curtains and agents of various professional company, please call come Advisory buy!
        Guangzhou City suburbs, 10 from the square, contact us, to provide free door negotiations with a model for measurement.
         24-hour hotline: 13802435818 http://www.anshun66.com.cn

         Brand began in service, quality, from professional office Anshun WINDOW BLINDS curtain ten years professional production experience, reliable ......

    Office carpet series of mainly suitable for office, office, the manager's office, conference rooms and other places. Commonly used Wilton woven carpets and boxes full of carpets, such carpet affordable, beautiful and generous, dirt, anti-static, noise reduction features and other characteristics can be used for various items of office carpet.

         Professional pavement and feel of professional quality, we can free design, surveying, budget, to provide professional conservation expertise, affordable price, is service. Sincerely look forward to your cooperation.

    Soft gauze 

    Brand: Anshun

    Model: the giant East Series

    Material: PP

    Features: fire retardant, sound absorption, wear resistance, convenient laying, convenient wiring, beautiful generous

    Purpose: aisle, office, leisure activity area

    Detailed parameters:

    Face Yarn ( fiber ): Polypropylene ( polypropylene )

    Primary Backing ( the first layer of the bottom cloth ): Non-Woven Backing Cloth ( polyester non-woven non-woven )

    Secondary Backing ( second layer of base cloth ): PVC ( in adding glass fiber PVC )

    Tile Size ( 500mm× 500mm: product specification )

    Customers required to provide information:

    Define material: determine the carpet carpet material and backing material

    Determination of flower color: determine the pattern, as well as the color

    Determine the area : identification of the actual needs of the area, provides area can, need not precise

    Determine project time: identify the specific project start time, in order to discuss the delivery time

    Tel: 13802435818

    Guangzhou Anshun office carpet company specializing in office carpet, hotel carpet, carpet tile, full carpets, wool carpets, handmade carpets, carpet and other design and production, to provide you with the best quality service.

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