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    Carpet to survey?

    Anshun carpet carpet knowledge: buy good later, because of geographical reasons or other factors, carpet industry did not find you can own pavement, box carpet base is relatively thick, in second layers of linen bottom below, 2-3 mm in rubber, rubber outside put a thin layer of felt film straight smooth, people walk on it is not easy to roll up. Carpet paving in the properly processed on the ground, all the cracks, holes and irregular ground must be fully corrected to ensure smooth, smooth appearance to prevent accelerated wear, paving the ground before clean, remove related items, ensuring the smooth and clean. Carpet paving process need to use scissors, knife, ruler, tape measure, sign pen, vacuum cleaners, spatula, repair using a hot-air gun etc..

    Carpet generally use the activity type pavement, the pavement carpet, the carpet paving appearance, should adopt the light and light cross laying method, pavement, each carpet should be with the adjacent carpet mutual extruding point, when the surrounding less than a block carpet, carpet surface to measure the size, according to the wound surface arrow Shanghai to and mutually perpendicular requirements, detection accuracy, sharp blade can be hit off the carpet, the surrounding carpet pavement is good. Check carefully whether the pavement carpet intact, if a system can use a simple fixed point glue.

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