• Office of the Guangzhou office carpet carpet

    Office of the Guangzhou office carpet carpet

    Model No.︰A-1

    Brand Name︰Anshun WINDOW BLINDS

    Country of Origin︰China

    Unit Price︰CNY ¥ 45 / Square

    Minimum Order︰10 Square

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    Product Description

    Our factory is producing all kinds of office carpets curtains and agents of various professional company, please call come Advisory buy!
        Guangzhou City suburbs, 10 from the square, contact us, to provide free door negotiations with a model for measurement.
         24-hour hotline: 13802435818 http://www.anshun66.com.cn

         Brand began in service, quality, from professional office Anshun WINDOW BLINDS curtain ten years professional production experience, reliable ......

    Office carpet series of mainly suitable for office, office, the manager's office, conference rooms and other places. Commonly used Wilton woven carpets and boxes full of carpets, such carpet affordable, beautiful and generous, dirt, anti-static, noise reduction features and other characteristics can be used for various items of office carpet.

         Professional pavement and feel of professional quality, we can free design, surveying, budget, to provide professional conservation expertise, affordable price, is service. Sincerely look forward to your cooperation.

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