• office curtains: rolling shutters, curtains, venetian blinds

    office curtains: rolling shutters, curtains, venetian blinds

    Model No.︰B1

    Brand Name︰anshun curtains

    Country of Origin︰China

    Unit Price︰CNY ¥ 30 / Sq

    Minimum Order︰10 Sq

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    Our company is specializing in the production of a variety of office curtains and a variety of professional agents. Welcome to come call consulting, our company is ready to serve you faithfully
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    With great enthusiasm and tireless efforts, the pursuit of high-quality products; to achieve 100% delivery to users of high-quality products, the pursuit of "first-class products, first-class technology, perfect service, excellent quality" is the target of Anshun and cherish you for your trust every time.


    Office than the current popular vertical blinds curtains, venetian blinds, curtains are now commonly used in office have rolling shutters, aluminum venetian blinds, wooden venetian blinds, shutter, such as electric. The main features is to permeability, and relatively easy to install, simple style, generous simplicity, good performance of the sun, our office curtains moderate prices also hope that the consultation call friends.


    Office Vertical blinds

    Office with a half shutter light transmittance: suitable for general office space, with the surrounding environment of good communication. Can block vision, people can not see indoor and outdoor scenes, but a sense of light. Office-wide shutter shading completely dark for video conference room and bedroom. Picture is installed in the lobby of the semi-shade in kind according to shutter. There are manual and electric options.


    Rolling Office

    Many companies have opted for the installation of venetian blinds, aluminum venetian blinds is one of the office a good choice, we can rotate blade 100 to freely adjust the indoor light, crisp and clean appearance, the erection and removal of relatively simple, commonly used in a variety of office space and room the living room, study, balcony and so on. Control has two kinds of manual and electrical details, please call.


    Office blinds (usually used in two adjacent windows of the office)


    In addition to aluminum venetian blinds, the bamboo, wood Venetian blinds are also commonly used in office products, not the use of relatively large, which should be due to the Office of the personality of the owner, which is characterized by natural, fresh, elegant, demure, Subtle, cool atmosphere Shuxiang show. If the rush of the modern complex, sitting in the bamboo curtain, the more easily able to simple, pastoral atmosphere of tranquility.


    Bamboo office. Wood blinds

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